Amodei's Unacceptable Response to COVID-19
Can you believe Mark Amodei? We're in the middle of a global crisis where thousands are dying, and Amodei is using it as a distraction while he tries to sell off Nevada's public lands. Unbelievable.
On March 12, while our communities were trying to wrap our heads around COVID-19 and what it means for our economy and our families, Amodei was busy sneaking in Bill H.R.6228:
"To allow for transfer of ownership of certain Federal parcels in Nevada, to allow for disposal
    of federal lands in Nevada for economic development, to make technical corrections
    to existing law, for conservation, and other purposes…”
This is unacceptable. The lengths Amodei will go to line his pockets with Trump/GOP money while ignoring the urgent needs of the people of Nevada no longer surprises me, but yet, his actions continue to disappoint me. While we are in the middle of the biggest crisis of our lifetime, while we're trying to figure out how to feed our families, while we're losing loved ones to a global deadly virus, Amodei uses this "distraction" to try to sneak a bill through the U.S. Congress for his own personal profit.
Like you, I am so FED UP with this horrible person, and for you, I am FIRED UP to replace him.
Meanwhile, on March 12, my #KobleForCongress team and I were more concerned about the people of Northern Nevada. We immediately suspended our campaign's usual fundraising activities and door-to-door canvassing, and we stayed home. We used that time to virtually reach out to our community with phone calls, emails and texts, checking in to make sure you're okay. Instead of asking you to give to us, we want to know how we can support you.
Our team is mobilized and ready to help you if you need it. That's what a true, small grassroots team of devoted volunteers looks like - we actually care about the people, not the dollars. I want to hear from you. I want to know your fears and concerns during this difficult time. I also want to hear other ideas you may have for helping neighbors amidst a global pandemic. I want to amplify your voice to decision-makers to ensure your needs are met.
Your challenges and struggles weigh heavy on my heart and mind, but your hope and positivity inspire me to help enable us to do better. Together we can find creative solutions and help lift each other up.

Amodei’s literal land grab is not the only way he is mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • On January 9, the first victim in China succumbed to COVID-19, yet Amodei backed the Trump administration in ignoring this impending pandemic.
  • Amodei referred to the situation in Iran on January 13. Amodei was ignoring the virus while Clint was focusing on it.
  • On February 28, the White House called this deadly virus a “Democratic hoax,” and Amodei remained silent. In fact, he remained silent on Twitter for weeks.
  • On February 29, Trump said we had this pandemic “under control,” which was clearly a lie, and Amodei said nothing, even though the first American died from COVID-19 on that day.
  • On March 9, the President reiterated his ignorance by saying the “Fake News and their partner, the Democratic Party” were inflaming the Coronavirus situation. And Amodei continued to say nothing.
  • Over the last several days, Amodei has simply copied and pasted Gov. Sisolak’s information in a feeble attempt to make it seem as though he agreed with Sisolak all along.
If I were your congressperson right now, here's what I would be doing to help lead us through this crisis:
  • Supporting Emergency Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  • Promoting a moratorium on rent and mortgage payment collections
  • Discontinuing utility shut-offs due to non-payment
  • Extending small businesses loans at a capped low interest rate
  • Working to develop state and federally funded programs that assist our school districts, educators, and parents as we navigate nationwide homeschooling and distance/digital learning
  • Demanding that we put a knowledgeable and expert scientist in charge of the Coronavirus Response 
  • Demanding that our administration re-establish, fund and prioritize the CDC
  • Demanding “Vote By Mail,” digital, and other non-in-person consistent voting system standards nationwide, while still ensuring IT security
  • Supporting The Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020 proposed by Amy Klobuchar and others that proposes if 25% of states declare an emergency, that would trigger a requirement to allow any voter to vote from home via a mail-in ballot
  • And doing so much more to protect our families, safety, health, economy, and election processes
In the history of Nevada, this congressional seat in Nevada has NEVER been blue, and it’s the LAST seat we need to turn blue, so we have a monumental challenge before us. But here's the good news: for the first time EVER, Washoe County has more registered Democrats than Republicans.
In the 2018 midterm election, I came within less than 2% of defeating Amodei. That’s the closest any Democratic candidate has ever come to beating a Republican for this seat. People know me and believe in me and my platform.
I've been talking to people all over our region, and I know that from Carson City to Reno, and across the rurals, we are FED UP with Mark Amodei and we are FIRED UP to replace him! 
I believe that 2020 is our year. We came within a slim margin in 2018, and that slim margin has been covered by a new BLUE WAVE of voters in our region. I know we can win this for the people of Nevada. We can take out Amodei and send him home. He won't be able to profit from our suffering anymore.
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