The Climate Crisis

The facts are simple: scientific communities worldwide agree that climate change is real. It is a threat to us all. I am fed up with science deniers in D.C. who are willing to sacrifice our planet for profits, and I am fired up to:

●    Fight to save our planet; we are running out of time before the effects of climate change are irreversible.

●    Support legislation like the Green New Deal that will not only help save our planet but will also create jobs and revive our economy.

●    Reduce greenhouse gases with smart legislation, incentivizing green energy initiatives, and holding corporate polluters accountable.

●    Leverage research and technology to inform our policy and environmental standards. 

●    Rejoin the rest of the world in the Paris Accord.

●    End lobbying efforts from the gas and oil industries. Our planet is not for sale.

●    Empower farmers and ranchers to be a part of the climate change solution by incentivizing and supporting them as they move to sustainable farming practices.

●    Elevate the climate crisis to a cabinet level position by creating a Secretary of Environmental Protections.


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