Rural Policy
I am fed up with the current administration's ineffective Rural Policy. Every Rural Policy should begin with the realization that Rural America is a special place and that it should be treated differently. Rural America needs to be treated as the great asset that it is because it provides most of our food and fiber, fresh water, natural resources, transportation links, energy production, and outdoor recreation. Without investing in this great asset, our national economy and character will decline. I am fired up to:

●    Expand broadband to build a Digital Economy.

●    Create a Green Sustainable Economy that incentivizes farmers to rebuild the soil, use less sprays and toxins that harm the environment and food supply, and be a part of the climate change solution.

●    Strengthen the rural healthcare infrastructure by supporting Rural Health Clinics. 

●    Make Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements work for rural hospitals and health clinics.

●    Build Affordable Housing to stabilize elder populations in rural communities and keep families together.

●    Support entrepreneurs and businesses to stay in or to relocate to rural communities and Tribes.

●    Build and/or support rural projects that will transform local economies, such as USDA slaughter plants, irrigation dams, or irrigation pipelines.


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