The Leadership We Need During a Crisis
Coronavirus:  A Time to Lead
March 30 was National Doctors’ Day. Unfortunately, on that day and every day since, doctors have been writing their wills at work, fearing illness and death alongside nurses and all healthcare professionals, all while helping patients afflicted with COVID-19. Day by day, the situation becomes more dire, and we are still in the early days. Thousands have died, hundreds of thousands are infected, and millions are losing their jobs.

How bad can the situation get? Safe projections indicate that 100,000 to 240,000 people could die in the U.S. due to the virus. No state or community is immune to COVID-19. Businesses continue to shed jobs or shut their doors. Some say unemployment could reach over 30%, which will devastate many more businesses and industries – and families.

As your future congressional representative for Northern Nevada, my priorities will be fixing healthcare, reviving our economy, and building an America for everyone. Why fix healthcare? If there ever was a need for healthcare for our citizens, it is now. The coronavirus threatens all of us, especially our seniors. As more and more Nevadans lose their jobs, they will also lose their healthcare.

We need to revisit the need for universal healthcare in this country. Disasters like this prove that it’s time to end healthcare being tied to employment. Can you imagine the costs of being hospitalized in the ICU for three weeks? We were a big step closer to universal healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. Shame on this Administration for trying to repeal the ACA rather than improve upon it. Shame on Representative Mark Amodei for voting against the ACA dozens of times, just as he voted against protection for pre-existing conditions. The times of today show how badly Republicans are out of touch with our needs and realities. And if that's not enough, the administration has proposed huge cuts in the next budget for the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid. Is this the America we want, where Trump and Amodei have their health insurance and we have none?
Reviving our economy is essential for the future of this country. The American Dream has been destroyed for millions of Americans. It will take a long time to revive our economy from this crisis. My commitment is to provide the help needed to employees and employers to get back to business as soon as possible. I am calling businesses on a regular basis to hear what they need. What I’m hearing is that we will need additional stimulus to get the job done.

If there ever was a time to lead, it is now. Our nation depends upon each one of us. We can’t afford to opt out and stand on the sidelines while our country is suffering greatly. Now is the time for the “hero in you” to make its appearance. Check in on your senior or immuno-compromised neighbors and offer to pick up groceries for them. Donate to the organizations on the front lines. Join the thousands of American who are sewing masks for ER and hospital staff. Or simply stay home and do your part to help flatten the curve. Play your role in humanity and help those that you can. 


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