We don’t have a healthcare system in our country; we have a medical extortion system. No one should have to decide between affording the healthcare services they need, or putting food on the table. I’m fed up with medical extortion, and fired up to:

●    Fight for affordable access to healthcare for all NOW. Too many people cannot afford healthcare, and I will fight to fix this on day 1.

●    Lower the age of eligibility for Medicare from 65 to 62. When the time comes to collect your Social Security, you should be able to sign up for Medicare and retire with dignity.

●    Reduce prescription drug costs. Right now in our country, life-saving drugs, such as insulin, are exorbitant in cost. In America, no one should die because they can’t afford their prescription. 

●    Stop drug companies from profiting off of the nationwide opioid addiction epidemic that is ravaging Northern Nevada.

With these and other bold actions, we will begin the long overdue fight towards our ultimate goal: free, universal healthcare for everyone.


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