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Hi, I’m Clint Koble. I am running for Congress in Northern Nevada to build Nevada’s future - for the better.


A son of immigrants, I grew up working on our family farm that grew and hunted our own food. My parents taught me the value of hard work, honesty, integrity and commitment. I attended a two-room country schoolhouse and culture shock ensued when I went to high school, then college. I witnessed disparity in education first-hand. I believe equality in education is critical to our collective success - this includes universal pre-K.


During the Vietnam War, I was part of the draft lottery system. While I didn’t get picked, many of my friends did, and I saw first-hand how the war affected them physically and mentally. We must continue to serve those who served us. 


I later married and raised our three children while working in health and wellness, and hospitality for many years. In 2006, I joined the Nevada Rural Development Council where I worked to improve economic well-being for small businesses in rural communities. 


In 2009, I was nominated for and served as State Executive Director of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nevada Farm Services Agency, a presidentially-appointed position. I was honored to serve farmers, ranchers and native Tribes through the good times and the bad. Championing our farmers and our rural communities is key to Nevada’s economy.


My first Congressional run was in 2018, and we came away with the largest percentage of votes for a democratic candidate in Nevada District 2 in more than a decade. We learned a lot and can build on this success. We have an incredible team and a winning strategy for 2020. 


There are so many issues facing Northern Nevada. To build Nevada’s future, we must:

  • Go from worst to first in education

  • Approve universal healthcare

  • Safeguard and protect our land, air and water

  • Protect the rights of all Nevadans

  • Attract smart, sustainable businesses to Nevada

  • Manage smart growth, with strong infrastructure and affordable housing


I will fight for Nevada.


My team and I need your support to win. I will not be taking money from corporate PACs and instead am looking for individuals with common goals and values to be a part of our campaign.  


Let’s build Nevada’s future together. Thank you, Clint

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