Clint Koble was the state director of the Farm Service Agency. He grew up hunting, farming, and fishing. Over years spent working with Nevada’s farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, Clint has dealt with most of the issues facing Northern Nevada: protecting public lands, water rights, broadband access, rural access to education and healthcare, economic development, mining, and Trial concerns.
Make Healthcare Affordable

- Fight for Medicare-for-All.

- Reduce prescription drug costs.

- Stop drug companies from profiting from opiate addiction.

End Corruption in Government

- Repeal Citizens United.

- Keep our elections safe and secure.

- Create and enforce strict ethics laws to protect our elections and restore trust in our political system.

Protect our Land

- Address the Climate Crisis with immediate action.

- Keep our public lands in public hands to enjoy for hunting, fishing, and recreation.

- Keep Yucca Mountain closed.


- Close the gender pay gap and protect women's reproductive rights.

- Fight for quality public education, regardless of zip code.

- Comprehensive immigration reform that protects our DACA recipients.

- Criminal justice reform that eliminates for-profit prisons. 

Common Sense Gun Legislation


- Mandatory background checks on all sales & transfers of guns.

- Reinstate President Reagan's 1986 Assault Rifle Ban.

- Create federal red-flag laws to keep us safe.


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